Friday, August 14, 2009

Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry Shoes!

Cherry Shoes
So.. the idea came from seing this guy with Sailor Jerry chucks. Since I don't have that much to spend on shoes (and one most likely couldn't get those from Finland) I had to get crafty. And by now everyone knows I have a slight obsession with cherries, right? The pattern for the skully cherries is from Urban Threads . Now my shoes and my brooch match!
Cherry Shoes Close Up
It's painfully obvious, that I was in a hurry stitching these to the shoes. I'm at my mom's now, but when I get home I'm gonna finish them up with fabric glue.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Keychain LipBalm Cozy (+ tutorial)

I finally started to write up something of a tutorial for this keychain lipbalm cosy. And here we go:
Keychain LipBalm Cozy
Yarn: Novita Kotiväki
Hook: 2mm
You'll also need: a button and a key loop (or whatever you call them)
Make a yarn loop, crochet 6sc:s in the loop
1st rnd: 2sc:s in every sc = 12sc:s
2nd rnd: *1sc, 2 sc:s in one sc* repeat *-* till the end of the round =18sc
This was big enough for my lipbalm, if you have a thicker lipbalm try making one more increase round.
Continue rounds of 18sc:s until your lipbalm fits all the way in the cozy S1034417

*turn your work, ch 1, 5sc, turn
*ch 1, 5sc, turn (rep rounds until you flap about as big as in the pic) S1034419

(obviously the size of the button loop depends on the button you use, but this one worked for me)
*next round: 1sc in two sc:s (1 sc decrease), chain 6, 1 sc in two sc:s, turn your work
*sl 1, 8sc:s in the chain stitch loop, slip stitch all the way around the whole flap and the edge of the cozy. S1034424

Wiggle the keyloop on to it's place at the base of the flap. Sew in button. S1034546
Weave in ends. And you're done!!
This tutorial is for personal use only. As always I'd love to see it, if you're making one.