Monday, January 28, 2008

Pretty In Ink

Wanna quess what I had done? I've got me a new tattoo!!! And I love it! It is still very fresh, and not completely healed. (Sorry for the not so good picture. It is suprisingly difficult to take a picture of) I got it done on the 25th. It was drawn and inked on by Juha at Heaven&Hell in Lappeenranta.

Here's another picture of it. The picture was taken about five minutes after the inking. Man alive did that hurt! There are a lot of outlines in it..and they hurt. Nerve endings are a funny thing. When he was doing the picture it sometimes felt like he was needling my neck. Weird. But somehow one just loves that kind of pain.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bang! (+Pins And Needles)

I made me a new pencil case! And I looooove it. I needed a new one, since my old was made of metal and it made too much noise. I used the same fabric that I used in this skirt, but in a different colour. (The fabric was on sale)

And here's a view of the back. No zippers or anything fancy. Just two black buttons and a bit of elastic ribbon for the button loops. I love the simplicity of it! Also I was too lazy to deal with zippers. I do have a problem how ever with the lining showing. But I think I can live with it.

I also made pincushions using this tutorial. Both sides of both of the pincushions are cotton. I've always liked pincushions like these, but thought they were probably difficult to make. Turns out they're really easy and fun to make. The one with the flowers/polka dots is staying with me, the one with the skulls is travelling far far away.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Sublime Embroidery Plus Stars And Diamonds

I'm in love with embroidery! Don't worry I haven't forgotten knitting (or anything else) either, I'm just crushing so hard on embroidery right now.

I made these cards with Sublime Stitching patterns. The sparrow is from the Stitch it Kit, and the kitten from the Sublime Stitching book. This was my first time using iron-on embroidery patterns. The sparrow card is for a friend, and the kitten is for my niece. For those of you who are "finnish impaired" the banner on the sparrow says Congratulations.

I embroidered the pictures on cotton, glued the cotton on a piece of paper, then glued the paper on the cardboard and let the whole thing dry under a weight. Simple. The next time I'm going to try sewing the fabric on the cardboard.
And here's a little star and diamond. The one with the star is a pouch for my friend's menstrual cup. The one with the diamond is going to be a pouch for my menstrual cup.

I embroidered this diamond in a plain black purse that I bought on sale. It just needed a little bling-bling.
And what I learned from the ones (stars and diamonds) done without a pattern? It may be a good idea to draw the outlines in the fabric before embroidering..

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Recycled Fashion

I found some Elle magazines in a recycling bin. I was very intrigued. Never before have I held an actual fashion mag. I flipped through it, and noticed there are some pretty pictures there. So what's a girl to do? To make envelopes obviously!

This one is my favourite.
How did I make the envelopes? I demolished (love that word) an existing envelope, used it as a pattern to cut out the pics and added a little glue. Nice and simple. I have made 20 of them so far. I really need to start writing more letters to people..

Here's a view of the back. And where did I get the whole idea? From craftster of course!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Pirate Girrrrrrl

Remember I told you I was going to pick up embroidery? Well in the spirit of that resolution I made her.

She's based on my friend's tattoo. I actually had a picture of the tattoo on my compurer, then I pressed the white fabric against my screen and draw the pic with a pencil. Simple isn't it.

I used just satin stitch and backstitch on her. The back of the embroidery is kind of a mess. And note to self: next time you do something similar it might be a good idea trying to color it in first and then add the outline.

I gave the pirate girl to my friend as a "thank you for existing" present. And she loved it!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

These Are a Few Of My Favourite Things

Karaoke. Hugs. Fondling yarn/fabric. Making Stuff For People. My dad & mom. Hot Chocolate. No Shame. Coffee. My Moomin Cups. Free Stuff. Gifts. Black and White Photos. Marilyn Monroe. Vegan Craftastic. Cherries. Stars. Cola-drinks. Tofu. Board Games. Tattoos in General.My Wing-tattoos In Particular. Warm Cloudy days. Kissing. HC. Taking Blood Test From People (actually any kind of sticking a needle into someone else will suffice). Marilyn Monroe. Bamboo yarn. Cinnamon. My Little Spice Jars. Orange Juice. Beer. Libraries. Mini Skirts. Friends. Concerts. Checking Out People’s Style. Holding Hands. Aprons. Playing Cards. Harry Potter. Cats. Purrrrrrrring. My Mom’s Cat Nemo. Bamboo Knitting Needles. Pink & Black Colour Combination. 10 Things I hate About You. Converse All Stars. Candles. My Sewing Machine. Lottery. Big Tummies. My Tummy Piercing. Drummers. T-shirts. Brownies. Clean Sheets. Sauna. Rolling Pins. Harry Potter. Glasses. Socks. Pyjama Pants. Lepard Print. Polka Dots. Bags. Army Print. Knitting Blogs. Punk. Josh Groban. Knitting/Crochet/Sewing Books. Gingerbread Dough. Sparrows. My Niece.

I challenge everyone to do something similar in order to remind themselves of all the great little things in life. Please leave a comment if you do.


As you can see I changed the look of my blog a little...or a lot. The header is most likely temporary. I'm fiddling around with some ideas.

Also I'm going to write mainly in english from now on. It's just a bit too much work to blog in two languages. But I'm still sometimes going to write a little something in finnish too.

And yes, the "Torrance" in the header is embroidered by yours truly. As a new year's resolution I have desided to really get a hang of the whole embroidery thing.