Friday, January 18, 2008

Sublime Embroidery Plus Stars And Diamonds

I'm in love with embroidery! Don't worry I haven't forgotten knitting (or anything else) either, I'm just crushing so hard on embroidery right now.

I made these cards with Sublime Stitching patterns. The sparrow is from the Stitch it Kit, and the kitten from the Sublime Stitching book. This was my first time using iron-on embroidery patterns. The sparrow card is for a friend, and the kitten is for my niece. For those of you who are "finnish impaired" the banner on the sparrow says Congratulations.

I embroidered the pictures on cotton, glued the cotton on a piece of paper, then glued the paper on the cardboard and let the whole thing dry under a weight. Simple. The next time I'm going to try sewing the fabric on the cardboard.
And here's a little star and diamond. The one with the star is a pouch for my friend's menstrual cup. The one with the diamond is going to be a pouch for my menstrual cup.

I embroidered this diamond in a plain black purse that I bought on sale. It just needed a little bling-bling.
And what I learned from the ones (stars and diamonds) done without a pattern? It may be a good idea to draw the outlines in the fabric before embroidering..


Relli said...

Oi noi on hienoja, etenkin tuo fiftarityylinen pääskynen on kuul. Vähän kade, emmie vaan tommosia osais pistellä.

VeganCraftastic said...

Cute, I need to dig out my sublime stichting patterns and do some more embroidery!

Süßstoff said...

Wow, you are so good at this!!! I think I need to try again. Cross stitch is fine but my other embroidery skills need some improvement.

Michele said...

I *love* Sublime Stitches!!!

Check this out:
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