Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lots of Little Cherries

I knitted again! I had almost forgot how much fun it is


Just a basic slouchy hat, that I just made up as I went along. I just love big hats. It has 15 little cherry buttons on it. When I saw them (on sale!) at a shop I just had to have them! I knitted it with 4,5mm needles and it's knitted of satu yarn (100% acrylic). Hehe, the buttons cost me more than the yarn.


A close up on the nice cherry button on top. I think this hat will go great with the cherry earrings I got from Miss Mara

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tree Hugger

I made a little crocery tote. Because I need to have one with me in every bag. I don't always plan out when I go to the store. The idea for the apple tree applique came as soon as I got that fun apple fabric in a "scrap fabric swap" via craftster. I think it looks good and everything, but maybe it's just not that much me.. I might give it to my mom or something.

I also did a little embroidery from a Sublime Stitching pattern. A friend of mine is having a birthday. And what says "birthday" more than a martini? I used a stripey backround 'cos I thought otherwise it would have been too bland. And also since I got that srtipey fabric on the swap as well. I think it came out good. I'm having second thoughts about the blue colour of the liquid, but oh well..

And where's the knitting you ask? I really don't know. I started knitting something last weekend, but it was not happening so I frogged it. I just need to figure out somethins small and nice, and something I really want to knit in order to get my knitting back on.
How come I don't understand how I can upload photos from flickr to my blog? When I did the "blog this" thingy on flickr it just looked odd. And I didn't kow how to get more pictures on one post. I'm not very handy.. or smart.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Swimming In The Stream Of Comformity

Yep.. I made valentines day cards. I haven't done that since elementary school. But in my defence I only made a few. I think they came out nice though. Do you know what goes great with hand made cards? Hand made envelopes.
Oh, and another thing: I'm also on ravelry now. There's not much stuff yet, but I'm working on it. And also I'm thinking that I wont post projects there that I done before joining. Don't know why.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

I Think I Killed The Bunny..

I'm getting my knitting back on. Wonder if it has anything to do with a certain new tattoo. These are very simple mittens (knitted in a day) made with 100%acrylic Satu-yarn with 4mm needles. They needed a little something, so I sewed on a little (dead?)bunny made of fleece.

And I made a big slouchy hat that can hold all my hair under it. (I don't photograph very well) Really nice and simple with the same kind of fleece bunny and made with the same yarn.
HUGE thanks to everyone who commented on my new lovely tattoo. I didn't know that many people alltogether ever even saw my blog. In case you want to know the tattoo is healing nicely. It iches a little sometimes. And last wednesday it was in the lovely stage where there would be all sorts of flakes stuck to my hand when I rubbed lotion on it. Nice.