Saturday, February 2, 2008

I Think I Killed The Bunny..

I'm getting my knitting back on. Wonder if it has anything to do with a certain new tattoo. These are very simple mittens (knitted in a day) made with 100%acrylic Satu-yarn with 4mm needles. They needed a little something, so I sewed on a little (dead?)bunny made of fleece.

And I made a big slouchy hat that can hold all my hair under it. (I don't photograph very well) Really nice and simple with the same kind of fleece bunny and made with the same yarn.
HUGE thanks to everyone who commented on my new lovely tattoo. I didn't know that many people alltogether ever even saw my blog. In case you want to know the tattoo is healing nicely. It iches a little sometimes. And last wednesday it was in the lovely stage where there would be all sorts of flakes stuck to my hand when I rubbed lotion on it. Nice.


takinanap said...

now i see your hat has a tattoo, also! your tattoo makes me believe in the term 'tattoo artist.' someone did a great job on that and it looks so good on you.

thanks for visiting my blog.

Süßstoff said...

This is the first dead bunny I find cute. So sweet!

VeganCraftastic said...

Very cute, I love your dead bunny set!

miss mara said...

Oh I like your mittens!!! I would so love a pair of mittens, I wish I had someone over here to teach me how to knit haha!!
Very very cute :)

ps. I'm having fun making stuff for you!

Anonymous said...

my husband loves the bunny hat! I think i have to make a copy.

Tree - nya~ said...

I dont know how often you get this, but I have to ask: can you post more of your patterns?

Most of the little things you knit are really cute and there is NO chance of me finding anything similar to them in this hell I call my hometown.