Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tree Hugger

I made a little crocery tote. Because I need to have one with me in every bag. I don't always plan out when I go to the store. The idea for the apple tree applique came as soon as I got that fun apple fabric in a "scrap fabric swap" via craftster. I think it looks good and everything, but maybe it's just not that much me.. I might give it to my mom or something.

I also did a little embroidery from a Sublime Stitching pattern. A friend of mine is having a birthday. And what says "birthday" more than a martini? I used a stripey backround 'cos I thought otherwise it would have been too bland. And also since I got that srtipey fabric on the swap as well. I think it came out good. I'm having second thoughts about the blue colour of the liquid, but oh well..

And where's the knitting you ask? I really don't know. I started knitting something last weekend, but it was not happening so I frogged it. I just need to figure out somethins small and nice, and something I really want to knit in order to get my knitting back on.
How come I don't understand how I can upload photos from flickr to my blog? When I did the "blog this" thingy on flickr it just looked odd. And I didn't kow how to get more pictures on one post. I'm not very handy.. or smart.


miss mara said...

Mara to the rescue!
When you're on a photo's page on Flickr, click on the 'all sizes' button, next to 'blog this' at the top. It'll take you to a page where you can link the photo in your chosen size to a webpage :)
Hope this helps!

ps. I like your cards!!

torrance said...

thanks mara!
that is some quick helping ;)
i have to try that next time

Elli said...

Puulaukku on tosi hauska! Samoin kirjottu Martini-lasi. Mitähän anoppi tuumais, jos pyytäisin sen kirjomaan mulle samanlaisen? :)

affectioknitter said...

I love the little tree bag - so cute!

Süßstoff said...

The tree bag is great. I'm sure your mom will love it (I would!).

I'm still amazed by your stitching skills, too.

Alli said...

Your stuff is really cute! I love the little tree bag. I'll be sure to stop by again soon.