Friday, May 9, 2008

Simply Sublime

I've been on a little embroidery binge for a few days. I finally finished the Reform School Girl from Sublime Stitching's Mitch O'Connell set. Mmmmm Mitch O'Connell.. Would not mind if Sublime Stitching would come up with another set from him.
Reform School Girl
I think she looks good. I didn't do as well as I would have hoped on the face, but the flame turned out so well I had to take a close up on it.
Reform School Girl Close
The flames consist of 3 colors. Kinda nice, right? Took quite a while too. That's actually why I didn't finnish this for a long time. After I did the flames I put this aside for a few weeks.
This next one is from the Sublime Stitching Craft Pad. At first I got to say that I thought it was very weird that I found myself wanting to embroider a freaking fairy. But then I told myself that the fairy was kinda pin-up-ish, so it was ok.
Green Fairy
This time I like how the facial features came out! And there's even orange there! Anyone who knows me knows that I HATE orange. But as an effort to try and tolerate it I started to use it in small amounts. First as one of 3 colors in the flames in reform school girl, and now in small amounts just by itself. I can live with it. I can. Maybe.
Oh, oh I did a little knitting too. I knitted this cute little pink cabled purse for "fill a purse swap".
Cable Purse
It's knitted with Novita's Samos yarn. And I made up the pattern as I went along. Oh, and the best part: my swap partner really liked it.


VeganCraftastic said...

Great projects, I especially love the reform school girl!

kittykill said...

I love the reform school girl! Mitch O'Connell is so amazing and you did his work justice!

Brook said...

You did such a wonderful job on all of these... you have even inspired me to do the fairy from the craft pad.... I'm not much of a fairy fan but the way you did it makes her sssoo cute!

Cupkate said...

your reform school girl is the best ive seen.. i love it!

Jigsaw Youth said...

yup, i definitely like yours a lot better than mine! you did an awesome job!