Monday, June 22, 2009

Cherries, Cherries, Cherries..

Those of you who have been reading my blog for some time may have noticed I have a some sort of a fixation to cherries. Especially crocheted ones. So here we go again..
Cherry Headband Close Up
Pattern: By me.
Yarn: Coats Lyric 8/4, 100% cotton
Hook: 3mm
Mood: Very very pleased!
Cherry Headband
I'm seriously going to start using more headbands. I just usually (since the bangs/fringe) use a bandana. And yes, I am that white. I can't help it. It's ridiculous, like I'm border line albino or somthing. And no, my lovely knitting tattoo has not faded that much, it's just the light.


Rachel said...

So adorable! And hey, I'm that white too :) At least our tattoos will always look new!

sewitsforyou said...

what a great headband. super cute

Thera Joyce said...

So cute!