Saturday, July 25, 2009


I’m a girl on a mission. The mission being making sure I always carry condoms with me in every single purse. Let’s just say I never ever want to be in a situation of “you don’t have any either??” (again).
Discreet Condom Pouch
hook: 2mm
yarn: novita kotiväki colori (100% cotton)
pattern: made it up as I went along
There it is. The dircreet little condom pouch. I thought about making a picot edging, but then I thought why bother. 'Cos let's face it: nobody is going to be paying attention to my delicate handiwork in a situation where this little pouch comes to play. It's big enough to hold two condoms. Just in case..
My 10yo niece was with me for a few days at the beginning of this week. She was on a mission too. Her mission was not to separate her new diary and the pen that goes with it. My mission (at that time) was getting her to do some crafting. Not like she needs to be persuaded. Here's the product of our mission (and her hands):
Oona's Drawstring Pouch
A little kitty drawstring pouch for her diary. Cute right?? All I did was cut the fabric and of course tutor her through the whole thing. The kitten embroidery is her very very first embroidery and done with sublime stitching pattern. It took her a while to choose.."How can I choose what I want to embroider when you've got so damn many pictures?". Oh how I love that kid. Color me proud!!

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Thera Joyce said...

Love them both! very cute. :)