Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fresh New Ink

School is taking up a lot of my time right now, so I haven't really had time to craft. But that doesn't keep me from getting new ink..
Fresh New Ink
Just got that done this sunday. And it's still one big outch! As well my other tattoos this also made by my favorite tattoo artist Juha Lensu. One could never tell that there used to be a..mistake.. I made when I was 17 on my upper back. And yes, I got ridiculously sun burned this summer, thus the tan lines..


VeganCraftastic said...

You always have the BEST ink, I'm soooo jealous!!!

Autumnkisses said...

this is very pretty! Did your old tattoo use to be chinese symbols? I think I can make it out

torrance said...

autumkisses: nope. no chinese symbols, but thanks for playing ;)

miss mara said...

Tiina, it's beautiful!!
I have...a few mistakes of my own, good to know they cover up nicely! x

Brook said...

AAHHHHH amazing!!! I love it! I think I need a crafty tattoo ... I have none but ive been thinking about it.

LiisaP said...

Hei on aivan pakko tiedustella tosta sun tatuoinnista, että missä se on jyväskylässä tehty ja kuka on tekijä?
Toi tatska on siis aivan sairaan hieno.
Kaveri asuu jykylässä ja aikoo ottaa tatskan niin sun on ollu taidolla tehty niin siksi tota kysyn.