Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pretty Little Things

YoYo Brooches
Aren't they cute? I bought two of them yoyo making things at a craft fair, and I just can't seem to be able to stop making them. Can you make yoyos perfectly well without any thingy? Of course you can, but gadgets are more than half the fun. At least to me
Hair Thingys
I always wear my hair up. (Ok, almost always.) It's either in a ponytail or in a bun sort of thing. I usually hold it up with plain black thingys, but sometimes a girl needs something special. I just love the polka dot bows
I also made more of those button earrings because they're so cute.
Button Earrings 4
These three are my favourite of the new ones: (you can't tell that well in the picture, but the ones on the top left have glitter on them)
Button Earrings 5
Yeah, yeah. Yet another post with no knitting or crochet in it. But don't you worry, I have both knitting & crochet in the works. But they're or a swap so I can't talk more about them yet.
A few days ago I put a tiny counter on my blog to see if anyone reads this (a part from the lovely people who leave comments). Imagine my surprice when I found out that I do actually get hits!


VeganCraftastic said...

Cute, I love the little bows!

Satuh83 said...

mistä oot bongannut noi kamee-napit?

torrance said...

satu83: Keinosen ompelutarvikeliikkeestä täältä jyväskylästä ovat ne

Miiruska said...

Eksyin ihastelemaan upeita juttuja =O

mielikuvitus said...

ei vitsi! Ostin just tollasen yoyo vehkeen, en oo vaan vielä kerenny käyttämään! Nyt tästä sain innostuksen niin vois heti mennä tekemään. Mä aattelin aluks koota kassin tollasista! Tosi söpöjä!