Monday, April 14, 2008

Tiny Little Knitting

It feels like I have about a millon knit/crochet projects in the works, but I can't seem to be able to get anything done. So I started a whole new project. Sounds logical, right?
Mini Sweater Brooch
I made myself a little knitting-pride brooch. I used the mini sweater ornament pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I knitted it with black and white Lyric yarn and 2,5mm double point needles. It was sort of fun to make. But I have to admid that I really should build up my patience so I would enjoy tiny little projects with loads of yarn ends to weave in more.
Hey, did you know that the lovely Cass is in need of a bitch? Well I did, and I wanted to help her out. Sadly I couldn't be her bitch. I would make a bad bitch, since a)I live too far b)I'm lazy c)I talk back, and d)I don't take direction very well. But I felt the need to do something to show my support:
I Need A Bitch-cross stitch
I made her a cross stitch. My second ever cross stitch, and I altered a subversive cross stitch pattern a bit for it. And assuming that Cass is not just being nice, she really liked it! I'm happy.


Vilma said...

Love the mini sweater brooch! Hope you don't mind if I become a copycat and make one for myself..? :)

torrance said...

vilma: heh, anna palaa vaan ;)

her name was greta said...

the brooch is adorable. unfortunately i'm not a very patient soul so i'll just be admireing yours, not knitting my own. :( great job!

johanna said...

hey, love your work too... especially the food not bombs-carrot!

Miiruska said...

Hei, saanko linkittää sivusi omaan blogiini?

torrance said...

her name was greta & johanna: thanks!

miiruska: tottakai saat :) kunniahan se vaan miulle on

VeganCraftastic said...

Your little sweater is so cute!

Jenny S said...

I love the tiny sweater, its too cute!!
And I've been thinking of getting the subversive crossstitch book myself, it looks fantastic!!

Thanks for visiting my little blog xo