Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Here We Go Again

When I get into doing something, I tend to do it over and over again. I have made many socks, hand warmers, zippered pouches, stuff with cherries on them.. etc. Now the "thing" seems to be cell phone cozys. Now I made one for my dad. Oh yeah, and my friend's boyfriend asked me to make his cell a cozy as well, so the my next post will probably be about that.
Dad's Cell Cozy
hook: 3mm
yarn: anemone (by marks&kattens)
pattern: just made it up as I went along
What can I say, my dad likes things simple. The flap has a velcro closure. My dad said he'd prefer velcro to a snap 'cos my brother said a snap might damage the phone's display. *Sigh* Men. I don't think that even I'd be able to break a phone's display by closing a snap.
Oh, and I've got bangs (fringe/whatever) now too. It's weird how much difference a little less hair can make. Atleast in my own eyes.
Why is it a little uneven you ask? That would be because I cut it myself. I aint paying a hairdresser to do it for me when I have loads of scissors myself. I can think of a million better things to spend my money on. Like yarn, beer, concerts, fabric, beer, buttons, beer...if you catch my drift.


craftyminx said...

loves it!

Katie Kutthroat said...

your hair looks awesome.. right now im trying to debate on keeping my bangs or growing them out! i wish i was as good at knitting as you are! come teach me!

Miiruska said...

Tämä was here =) Käyny tuota edellistä kirsikkaista ihastelemassa, laiska vaan jättään merkkiä..

Jigsaw Youth said...

haha, yeah i would say that's a pretty crappy phone if it'll break that easily :)
and your bangs look great! it is funny how something so small can make such a huge difference

Miiruska said...

Sinulle on tunnustus blogissani =)

hernamewasgreta said...

haha, i agree! when i was a kid i used to measure everything in cds ("a new skirt? nah, i'd rather have 3 new cds"), now it's all about the beer. and your hair looks great!

VeganCraftastic said...

I loooove your hair, it's super cute!!!