Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday Night Knitting

It has been ridiculously hot in Finland for the last few days. And no, I am not complaining. It's about time for some hot weather, it's been pretty much raining since the beginning of June. I spent most of today outside, cos my apartment is too damn hot. I even started a new knitting project.
Katharine Hepburn Cardigan 26.7.2008
It's (going to be) Katharine Hepburn Cardigan from Lace Style. I'm knitting it with Sofie by anttila yarn, which is 100% cotton. I have a sneaking suspicion that this is going to be a bit big for me. Maybe not. I'm constantly thinking I'm either bigger or smaller than I actually am. Is there anything nicer than knitting in the park in the shade? I had to stop at about eight 'cos the bugs were annoying me. I think I'll spend the rest of the night inside watchin some movie and knitting. Hmm.. should I watch Die Hard 4.0 (again), or Dreamgirls (again). Maybe both.
Cyclops Rattle
I crocheted a little rattle 'cos my friend is having a baby. It's a cyclops rattle! It has a bell inside so it actually rattles. It's crochet with lyric yarn and 3mm hook.
Sparrow on a Skirt
A little embroidery done too. One of my denim skirts was looking a little bland, so I embroidered a sparrow on it. It's a sublime stitching sparrow obviously.


Jigsaw Youth said...

i can't wait to see the finished project! i love the rattle too...really cute. and of course the sparrow. damn you torrance! you are too good at everything!

Brook said...

Yay for knitting in the park... I need to start knitting more... Embroidery is taking over my crafting!!! I think its the instant gratification!

Katie Kutthroat said...

ditto.. i am almost to the point where i am ready to stop my embroidering and cross stitching and ready to start knitting again. one of my friends is trying to get me to learn to crochet, and i'm pretty excited about that!

adorable as usual.. i left a comment on craftster about your rattle :) the sparrow is awesome, im a sucker for those ;)

torrance said...

jigsaw youth: aww, thanks.

brook: yeah, I know what you mean. I've been doing a lot of embroidery this year, and not that much knitting. So I think it's about time to get my knitting back on

katie kutthroat: you don't have to stop, just put it on hold for a while. crochet is fun! and suprisingly easy to learn. I taught myself a few summers ago with the help of the Happy Hooker book.

Kakariki said...

Cyclops rattle! Genius! EVERY child should have one :)

kittykill said...

I'm totally digging the rattle. Awesome!