Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My New Toy

New Toy
I got a new toy! And I loooove her! So obviously here's the obligatory self portrait holding the camera in the bathroom.. I've never had a fancy camera like this before. I've just got to learn how to use it. Everything just looks better black and white, doesn't it?
Yarn Binge
I think I got a little carried away at a yarn sale. I bought two skeins of Novita Santorini, and 7 skeins of Red Heart Dallas, 5 of them black. One can never have too much black yarn, right?
Oona's Room
I also got some embroidery done. My niece and my mom moved, and my niece wanted a room sign to put on her door. What's an aunt to do? It says "Oona's room" and on the bubble "knock". And she also wanted skulls with bows on their heads. I how I love that girl. The lettering and the bows are done in satin stitch, the bubble in shain stitch and the skulls in back stitch


Brook said...

oh my gosh.... I am SSOOO jealous of your camera!!! Did you instantly notice a huge difference in picture quality?? the pictures you took are WONDERFUL!!! hhmmm.... (wondering if I should ask for a big momma camera for my baby camera for my b-day)

Jigsaw Youth said...

you are too adorable! i want a fancy new camera.. and i love that new embroidery!

Katie Kutthroat said...

i am so jealous of your new camera.. i have been wanting a new one myself.. the embroidery is adorable.. love the skulls :)

torrance said...

thanks ladies!
brook: yeah, I noticed! and it's a good thing too. would have sucked to pay 500euros for a camera and not notice a difference

stina said...

your photos look amazing so it was definitely a good investment. i want one too. *sulk*

oh she's one lucky girl, getting all the embroidery she asks for. it looks great too!