Thursday, October 2, 2008

Chocolate And Bitter Goodbyes

Chocolate Cable Hat
Yarn: Idena Twins (a little less than 2skeins)
Needles: 6mm
Pattern: I winged it
The colour of the hat is a little darker than in the pic. This took a little less than 2 skeins. I looove bulky yarn, but for some reason it’s not really easy to find bulky non-animalfiber yarn..especially in a solid color. I also love cables, but have a very weird relationship with pom-poms. I love them, but at the same time I think they’re ridiculous. If anyone wants a patter I could maybe wright something up.
Oona Knitting
Check my niece out! She's knitting!! I'm so proud of her. And I didn't even make her do it! This is not the first time she's knitting either. My mom (yeah my niece lives with my mom) called me one night and said that Oona wanted to knit something again. So my mom had to try to remember how to cast on stitches, 'cos Oona didn't remember how.
Now the bitter goodbyes.. I had to say goodbye to my mom&niece's cat Nemo. And I love that cat. That is like the best cat there is. He's friendly, likes to be pet and purrrrrrrrrrrrs a lot. Not to mention that he is a beautiful cat, just look at him:
Goodbye Nemo
The reason I had to say good bye to Nemo is that my mom and niece moved, and Nemo who is a out door cat wouldn't have been happy in the new home where he'd have to stay inside. It would've just killed him. But luckily the people who bought my mom's house wanted to keep Nemo as well. So Nemo didn't have to move! He can stay at his own home! Yay! I'm gonna miss him so much though. I started crying when I was saying goodbye...


Jigsaw Youth said...

cute hat! i like the cables :) and your niece is so adorable!

Katie Kutthroat said...

that is a very beautiful cat.. i love gray cats! yay for teaching people to knit.. apparently one of my friends, a fellow crafty cunt, is teaching our metalhead friend to knit.. this is something i have to see!

Relli said...

Ihana ihana pipsa! Mie oon vähän katkera ku lyhyttukkaisena kaikki myssyt lyttää hiukset, ja sehän se tympäsee ko oon turhamainen!! Silti oli pakko tehä ittelle yks ilta myssykkä ko alkaa korvat paleltuun töihin pyöräillessä.

Mie oon ihan innoissani tästä keltaisen invaasiosta blogistaniassa, ko oon aina ollu keltaisen ystävä, ja nyt sitä tupsahtelee vastaan vähän joka paikassa! =D

kittykill said...

Oh Nemo! What a sweet kitty. The hat looks so yummy!