Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Good Auntie

My niece is turning 10 allready. She's going to be a teenager in a few years. Oh my.. She's having a birthday party next saturday, and she wanted me to make "little surprises" for the girls attending her party. What's an aunt to do?
Key Chains
I cut out some old jeans and made the girls little key chains. All the hearts have a little patch in them that has the recipients initial stamped on it. There's one for the birthday girl too. The one with the O. In the pictures the key chains didn't have keyrings yet, 'cos I bought those on the way to the post office.
Key Chains Close Up
And what did I get her as a present? Two plain white long sleeved t-shirts and a bundle of fabric markers. I'm getting that girl into crafting even if it kills me!

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affectioknit said...

You are such a good Auntie - the gifts are adorable and the T-shirts and pens are such a good idea!