Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pimp My Bike!

I know I've been away for almost a month. Life just got in the way. And I still haven't sent Sanna her prize. For shame! But I'll do it next week, I promise!
Last week some asshole stole my bike. Thanks a lot. I just got it out for the spring and the next day it was gone. So I had to get a new bike. A very cheap bike, but hey it goes from point A to B and back again, so I'm happy.
Blinged Out Bike
Here she is all blinged out. Yeah.. I thought she needed a little someting something, so I glued on some bling. Me likey. All I need to do now is get some black paint, so i can cover the brand name on the bike.
So what do we think? Cute? Over kill?


Rachel said...

You bedazzled your bike! That is fucking awesome!

Brook said...

hahahaah i love the jewels! I would totally do that too!!

Anonymous said...

Definitely cute....but if it looks TOO good, then someone will want to steal it!!!