Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's Official...

Olen pahoillani neulominen. Sie tiiät että mie rakastan siuta, mutta hienoja leluja siulla ei saa... Tai siis ainankaan mie en saa aikaseks. Tossa ylhäällä on miun yritys Knittyn Katesta.. Ja mie oon vakaasti sitä mieltä että saan paljon söpömpiä leluja aikaan virkkaamalla. Aika sääli, nimittäin neulomalla sais helpommin pehmoisia leluja. Ei tuokaan siis miun mielestä kovin ruma ole.

I'm sorry knitting. You know I love you, but you can't make cute toys... Or atleast I can't make cute toys by knitting. Above is a picture of my version of Knitty's Kate.. And i firmly think that I can make much cuter toys by crochet. It's a shame really, since by knitting the toys would be softer. Still I don't think my Kate is very ugly.

Kissa-yritelmien jälkeen tein ittelleni jonkin sortin pirtelöä. Sauvasekottimella mössäsin soijamaitoa, vadelman makusta soijajugua ja pakastemansikoita. Namnam! Eikö oo söpöt lasit miulla?

After my Cat-attempt I made myself a smoothie. I blended some soymilk, rasperry soy-yoghurt and some frozen strawberries. Yummy! Don't I have cute glasses?


VeganCraftastic said...

I think your Kate is very cute, what kind of yarn did you use? I have that pattern in my binder of "to do" projects but haven't started it yet. But I know what you mean about the cuteness of crocheted toys, I think it's the detail that you can put in with crochet that's not easy to do or impossible with knitting. Oh, and that glass you have your smoothie in is so cute!

torrance said...

The yarn was Novita's Samos 50%cotton 50% acrylic. The needle recomendation for it is 4,5mm-5mm but I used 4mm for Kate.
I love my glasses too :) I only have 3 of them 'cos I broke one..

Jane's Designs said...

Your Kate is very sweet. I like the look of knitted toys much more then crocheted, but there are a lot more crocheted toy patterns then knit patterns. Keep up the great work.